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If you are a build to stock, build to order, or engineering to order manufacturer, we designed your system to be a complete solution for your compa

  • Real time data collection
  • Produces shop packet including pick list and route sheet
  • Allows control over how work orders are opened
  • Assigns work order number automatically or manually
  • Supports full inventory of stockroom and work in process
  • Uses tag assignment number and responsibility
  • Handles inventory and non-inventory parts
  • Show sales and bookings by code, sales person, territory, customer, product family, part number
  • Maintains standard characteristics/process values:
    • Description
    • Unit of Measure
    • Target high spec limit

Labor Collection

  • Time and attendance
  • Direct and indirect time tracked and reported
  • Handles inventory and non-inventory parts
  • Assigns quote number automatically or manually
  • Supports multiple items per quote
  • Supports multiple deliveries per item